Bug Reports

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Description Version Status
Static Template Routes don’t work with require all segments EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
“PHP error: Cannot modify header information” appears when editing/creating posts or global variable EE 2.9.2 Clarification Requested (?)
Checkbox checks in Grid columns not being saved EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Date field validation does not accept UK-format dates as valid EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
entry_date field in Channel Form doesn’t allow change to AM from PM EE 2.9.2 New (?)
JavaScript error in CP File Manager EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Docs should not reference magpie any more EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Select all wont select all at SQL Manager EE 2.9.3 Accepted (?)
Relationship parameters orderby and sort not honoring piped values. EE 2.9.2 New (?)
YYYY-MM-DD formatted dates don’t work in 2.9.3 EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Date changes after save without time to 19-01-2038 EE 2.9.0 Bug Fixed (?)
Update to EE 2.9.3 on EE Core calls Template Routes (which is non-existent of course) EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Signature Image Not Rendering and Undocumented Feature EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Using a dash in an image manipulation short name prevents variable from parsing EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Running EE 2.9.0 have an issue where S=0 is being appended to all urls ex:“domain.com/S=0/about” EE 2.9.0 Duplicate (?)
The channel form doesn’t show the html buttons when using {field:field_name} variables…. EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
The file field doesn’t have a way to display image thumbnail’s height or width… EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
Copy and Paste into Rich Text Field does not work in MS Internet Explorer 11 EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Last global variable being replaced with value of embed variable (by reference) EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
Strikethrough not parsed with markdown EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Email encoding error on custom profile data within an embed EE 2.9.2 Clarification Requested (?)
Copy and Paste into Grid does not work in MS Internet Explorer 11 EE 2.9.2 New (?)
template_name maxlength 50 or varchar(50) not documented EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Dynamic Channel Query Caching affects Pagination EE 2.8.1 New (?)
Manually Clearing Native Cache Only Clearing Primary Site, Not Current MSM Instance EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Clear Revision History for a template results in “Template does not exist - invalid id” error EE 2.9.2 Bug Fixed (?)
Upgrade from 2.6.1 to 2.9.1 - A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: implode(): EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
supported index remove with system folder out from root issue EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Error in documentation: `gmt_entry_date` EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Add last_updated to members EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)