Bug Reports

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Description Version Status
Relationship fields with similar names; second one doesn’t parse EE 2.10.1 New (?)
URL titles beginning with C and numbers are incorrectly interpreted as category URLs EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Fatal error: Call to undefined method EE_Functions::remove_double_slashes() in EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Request headers case incorrectly altered by core/input class depending on server EE 2.10.1 New (?)
File names with special characters produce a PHP error EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Unchecked checkbox not being saved. EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Relationships if no_results tags can work inconsistently…. EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Can’t seem to login after updating 2.9.2 -> 2.10.1 EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
MIME Type error on upload of any file type to any destination EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Data type select when creating a grid channel field isn’t working EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Version check not updated. EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
PHP Error after upgrade from 2.9.2 -> 2.10.1 in admin section EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
File manager > File upload preferences > Synchronise EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
EE 2.10.0 /cp/myaccount (or editing a member account in CP) results in a WSOD, EE 2.10.0 Bug Fixed (?)
exp_actions table not updating during an upgrade from EE 2.7.3 to 2.9.3 EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Forum + Allow PHP + Localize::timezone_menu() EE 2.9.3 New (?)
PHP usort() error in VariableFinder.php EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Conditional works intermittently in Relationship tags…. EE 2.9.3 Accepted (?)
Relationship in Grid throws PHP error Undefined offset: 565 EE 2.9.3 Bug Fixed (?)
File uploads don’t understand a -1 in php.ini memory limit as unlimited EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Grid and Textarea typography error EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Cache errors Revisited EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
How to create codeigniter cron job in windows task scheduler EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
‘Could not stat file’ error when APC caching on and clearing the config file…. EE 2.9.3 Bug Fixed (?)
Update Multiple Entries fails (Date bug) EE 2.9.3 Bug Fixed (?)
Commenting on one entry results in comments on an older one with the same url_title EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Member Group Category Permissions Not Being Saved EE 2.9.3 Bug Fixed (?)
Can’t change a fieldtype after data is in the field. EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Search and Replace always reports at least 5 replacements EE 2.9.3 Accepted (?)
Localization Setting to dd/mm/yyyy in My Account gives a date format error when saving entries EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)