Bug Reports

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Description Version Status
Third party fieldtypes which use $_FILES can get blanked when using Channel Form EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Grid Field Type Enabled Prevents Adding Channel Field EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
db_active_record implode problem while using group_concat, replace EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Channel Form Grid Field update erases field content EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Grid field inside of checkbox tags breaks ExpressionEngine EE 2.8.1 Clarification Requested (?)
When using Channel Form and inline error checking get a php error EE 2.10.1 New (?)
No matter how many replies there are - the message “Keywords” message is shown Forum 3.1.17 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
SmartForge/DB Forge incompatibility with MySQL 5.7.4+ (ALTER IGNORE) EE 2.10.1 Accepted (?)
Remember Me cookie not working (Safari) EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Last global variable in _global_vars array overwritten by layout / embed variables EE 2.10.1 Accepted (?)
Relationship code running unexpectedly (relationship_parser/Tree_builder.php) EE 2.10.1 New (?)
route tag doesn’t allow you to use variables as a subset of a segment…. EE 2.10.1 Accepted (?)
Grid field validation error on publish- ‘You are not authorized’ - when switching entry revisions… EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
MySQL Error when deleting an entry EE 2.10.1 New (?)
PHP error upgrading 2.5.5 to 2.10.1 EE 2.10.1 New (?)
RSS module incorrectly reports channel date EE 2.10.1 New (?)
No ability to create custom 401 or 403 HTTP code error pages EE 2.10.1 New (?)
New Member Groups not assigned permissions to forum boards - Can’t see threads. EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Forgotten Password process within member templates do not show confirmation screen on Password Reset EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Member registration in CP defaults to the ‘Member’ group regardless of default member group setting EE 2.10.1 Accepted (?)
“Template Runtime Annotation Class” is breaking any json delivered by templates EE 2.9.0 See Comments (?)
Relationship Fatal Error EE 2.10.1 New (?)
Missing translation in CP Footer EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Relationship tag not parsed across MSM sites…. EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
CAPTCHAs - not changed .. EE 2.6.0 See Comments (?)
Uploaded images with same name are capped at 99 EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Content edit page shows a File x does Not Exist error… EE 2.10.1 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Cache not clearing when using memcached driver after upgrade to 2.10.1 EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Cannot edit entry if File Manager path is relative EE 2.10.1 See Comments (?)
Duplicate entry ‘10156-125’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)