Bug Reports

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Description Version Status
Search doesn’t query entry titles when search_in=“everywhere” where=“word” EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Custom status with conditional, a bug or else? EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Multiple layout:variables in Conditionals EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
THAI Language in categories shows up as symbols. (Works fine everywhere else in CP) EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Maximum Image Width & Height not properly working in File Upload Preferences EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Weird template behaviour when saving templates as files EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Accept Private Messages sent to you by other members of this site FAIL Forum 3.1.17 See Comments (?)
Deleting member + remove member’s entries option doesn’t remove relationship data EE 2.9.2 Duplicate (?)
Can’t select redis database EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
{AID:…} not replaced in layouts EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
Preview Layout submits to EE CP Login Screen EE 2.9.2 Accepted (?)
Navigating to /css/ on an EE site will throw a PHP error EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
New member notification only accepts one email address EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Pages module’s CP title is “Module” - it should probably be “Pages”? EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Non-superadmin’s cannot upload files other than images EE 2.8.1 Clarification Requested (?)
database error upd.ip_to_nation.php halting update from 2.9.1 to 2.9.2 EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Relationship / Parents - PHP Parse Error - ignores condition EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Channel Forms: Members can’t edit entries authored by others EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Undefined Offset in relationship_parser/Parser.php line 52 EE 2.9.2 New (?)
removing plugin EE 2.9.2 New (?)
{category_name} is not run through format_characters EE 2.9.2 New (?)
conditional and a tag in topic_rows.html do not parse Forum 3.1.17 New (?)
Validation on publish form doesn’t always work (incorrect Api_channel_entries method outcome) EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
PHP errors for Memcached index ‘time’ EE 2.9.0 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
br added to text when pasted in Content tab of RTE EE 2.9.2 New (?)
RTE replaces span with b EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Look for core classes in APPPATH first EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Error: undefined shows up as notification in CP EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Channel entries filter fails (in CP: Content -> Edit) EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
EE_Config::_update_config $remove_values should remove values from file and $config EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)