Bug Reports

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Description Version Status
Cache errors Revisited EE 2.9.3 New (?)
How to create codeigniter cron job in windows task scheduler EE 2.9.3 New (?)
‘Could not stat file’ error when APC caching on and clearing the config file…. EE 2.9.3 Accepted (?)
Update Multiple Entries fails (Date bug) EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Commenting on one entry results in comments on an older one with the same url_title EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Member Group Category Permissions Not Being Saved EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Can’t change a fieldtype after data is in the field. EE 2.9.2 New (?)
Search and Replace always reports at least 5 replacements EE 2.9.3 Accepted (?)
Localization Setting to dd/mm/yyyy in My Account gives a date format error when saving entries EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Updated to 2.9.3, Unknown column ‘order’ in ‘order clause’ EE 2.9.3 New (?)
MSM Files Missing Creation/Modification Dates EE 2.9.3 Clarification Requested (?)
search:column=“IS_EMPTY” on Grid columns with NULL values EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Feature Request - HTML Tag Glossary EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Unable to save further page uri’s EE 2.7.0 See Comments (?)
Space in the channel name prevents channel from appearing on site. moving space fixes the issue EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Errors on CP EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
Date formatting in Edit form EE 2.9.3 Duplicate (?)
Missing european date formatting EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
{switch} variable is not parsed inside channel:categories EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Channel Form Data Sorter class not loaded EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
custom field options no longer visible EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Expired form when trying to log-in on frontend EE 2.9.3 See Comments (?)
[FR] - revved_url modifier for file fields EE 2.9.3 New (?)
Static Template Routes don’t work with require all segments EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
“PHP error: Cannot modify header information” appears when editing/creating posts or global variable EE 2.9.2 Clarification Requested (?)
Checkbox checks in Grid columns not being saved EE 2.9.2 See Comments (?)
Date field validation does not accept UK-format dates as valid EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
entry_date field in Channel Form doesn’t allow change to AM from PM EE 2.9.2 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
JavaScript error in CP File Manager EE 2.9.3 Fix is in Upcoming Release (?)
Docs should not reference magpie any more EE 2.9.3 New (?)